Hyunji An


Hyunji is a Ph.D. student in the BBS program and is co-mentored between Drs. Marcia Haigis and Miao Cui laboratories. Born and raised in South Korea, she completed her BSc and MSc at University of Seoul. She studied plasmonic nanoparticles for bio-sensing and bio-imaging during her master’s under the supervision of Dr. Inhee Choi. After that, she worked as a research trainee in the lab of Dr. Luke P. Lee at Harvard Medical School, where she developed her interest in biomedical research. She is currently interested in exploring heart regeneration from metabolic perspectives. Outside the lab, Hyunji writes books about city plants and enjoys bouldering, live music, playing board games, and being in nature. 

Fun fact: She majored in horticulture in undergrads, but her home plants never survive long. (Good with outside garden)