2021 Paper Publications

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Congratulations to Haejin for getting her Review (Lipid metabolism in sickness and in health: Emerging regulators of lipotoxicity) published in Molecular Cell!


Congratulations to Elma and Haejin for their publication (SIRT4 is an early regulator of branched-chain amino acid catabolism that promotes adipogenesis) in Cell Reports!


Congratulations to Jiska for getting her review article (Mitochondria: Their relevance during oocyte ageing) published in Aging Research Reviews Volume 70!


Congratulations to Ilaria  for her getting her research article (Cell-specific transcriptional control of mitochondrial metabolism by TIF1γ drives erythropoiesis) published in Science Magazine! 


Congratulations to Jaime for getting her Review (The Aging Lung: Physiology, Disease, and Immunity) published in Cell!


Congratulations to Samantha, Alison and Haejin for getting their paper (Development of a colorimetric α-ketoglutarate detection assay for prolyl hydroxylase domain (PHD) proteins) published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry!


Congratulations to Ilaria for getting her Review (Metabolites and the tumour microenvironment: from cellular mechanisms to systemic metabolism) published in Nature Metabolism! 

July 2018

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Congratulations to Marcia for being selected to the National Academy of Medicine's Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine!



Congratulations to Jessica for getting a perfect score on her F99/K00 and to Ilaria, who is now funded by the EMBO fellowship!


Welcome to our hard working summer students: Jonah, Taylor, Linh and Esther!

Summer students


May 2018

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Congratulations to Giulia and Sarah, who are now funded by the NSF GRFP and the Joslin Diabetes Fellowship, respectively!

April 2018

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Congratulations to Sarah, Giulia, Sam and Liam for passing their PQEs!

April 2018